About Us

PrimegroTM Technologies supplies integrated pig production services to pig producers in Australia, Asia and North America. Our products and services are the result of a strong research and innovation program and 35 years of on-farm practice at Rivalea, Australia’s largest integrated pig producer. Our goal is to build the technical skills base of our clients, enabling them to optimise the efficiency of their pig production operations.

Rivalea is committed to premium quality, responsible food production. Rivalea established its first piggery in 1971 and through greenfield growth and acquisition now supplies 20% of the Australian domestic market and 30% of pork exports. Rivalea employs 850 people at 10 sites across South-Eastern Australia, situated in some of the world’s cleanest food production areas. Our largest site and Head Office are located at Corowa in the Murray River basin of New South Wales.

PrimegroTM offers unique products and services, based on the human and technical resources developed by Rivalea though integrated pig production experience in Feedmilling, Farming Operations, Pork Processing and Pork Sales and Distribution. To achieve continuous improvement in these areas, Rivalea operates a dedicated 1600-sow Research & Development farm, a NATA-approved Microbiology and Meat Science laboratory and a world-class 300-boar AI centre.

PrimegroTM and Rivalea are unique in their approach to collaborative research with government and industry, with ongoing research in a broad range of areas related to the production of pork including plant breeding, nutrition, farming systems, animal welfare, processing systems and meat quality.

PrimegroTM Technologies is a division of Rivalea which is wholly owned by QAF Limited, "The QAF Group" of Singapore. QAF's other principal activities include the manufacture and distribution of bread, bakery and confectionary products; cold storage warehousing; and trading and distribution in food, beverages, food-related ingredients and commodities through out South-East Asia.

NATA-approved Australian Quality Pork HACCP