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 PrimegroTM Nutrition
Optimal Formulations – Maximum Performance
  • Recommendations for optimising diet specifications to minimise feed costs.
  • Guidelines for balancing raw material usage.
  • Full phase diet auditing to maximise feed efficiency and ensure pig performance meets production targets.
  • Advice on maximising returns and usage strategies for a range of feed additives.

PrimegroTM High Performance Creep Feeds

Maximising feed intake post-weaning is a critical control point in pig production systems. The result of decades of intensive research and modelling, our High Performance Creep Feeds utilise the highest quality local ingredients to ensure newly weaned pigs are off to a flying start.

Advanced Training Services and Project Management Services

Primegro’s nutritionists provide advanced training in pig nutrition for feed sales staff, company nutrition managers and educational institutions. PrimegroTM Project Management Services draws on the extensive integrated production experience of Rivalea and can assist new and developing pig production operations with infrastructure design and construction and production facility management.