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PrimegroTM IGF

  • Increase the feed efficiency of growing pigs and reduce feed costs.
  • Improved accuracy of EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values) enabling increased accuracy for selection of breeding stock.
  • Information on genetic potential of individuals at an early age, thus enabling earlier selection decisions to be made.

PrimegroTM IGF is a test for circulating IGF-I (Insulin like Growth Factor-I) levels in recently weaned piglets. Blood samples are collected, transferred to blood spot cards and sent to PrimegroTM Technologies for testing. IGF-I levels measured at this time have been found to have significant genetic correlations with a number of economically important traits including feed conversion efficiency and lean meat percentage across a range of pig breeds.


PrimegroTM IGF is available to sophisticated pig breeders through a Licence Agreement with PrimegroTM Technologies that includes training and ongoing technical support.

Intensive research is also being undertaken by PrimegroTM and its collaborative partners on the influence of IGF-I levels on a range of production traits in beef and dairy cattle and sheep.