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PrimegroTM Genetics AI products are sourced from boars produced by the Rivalea Genetic Improvement Program, Australia’s largest, most sophisticated pig breeding program. Rivalea is a large integrator with an intricate knowledge of the drivers of successful pork production and as a result, our focus is on reducing the costs of pork production by maximising the feed efficiency of the individual pig and the reproductive efficiency of the herd.

PrimegroTM Genetics clients benefit from:

  • Improved Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and lean growth through extensive use of electronic feeders to measure individual feed intake in groups and PrimegroTM IGF selection technology to maximise genetic improvement.
  • High selection accuracy using extensive quantitative measurements, Australia’s most extensive pedigree database and PIGBLUP-powered genetic analysis.
  • Access to high quality AI products through linkage with a world class, high health 300-boar stud.
  • Specialised genetics to match market requirements and production system constraints.
  • Targeted research to optimise the performance of genotypes across the range of environments.

PrimegroTM Genetic Products

Primegro DU
  • Faster growth, leaner carcases and low Feed Conversion Ratio. 
  • Duroc composite ensuring piglet viability and uniformity.
  •  Superior pork quality and consistency.

 Primegro F1
  • Easy management sow with large litter size.
  • Maternal crossbred sow with high feed intake, high lean growth rate and quality carcase.